The trunk opens and reveals a tall beautiful bound blond. Two brunettes pluck her from the trunk and assist her at hopping in. They get her to the fireplace, sit her down and remove her blindfold. They tie her up more, grope her and watch her drool all over herself before removing that gag and putting panties in her mouth and wrapping her head tightly with microfoam. The put tape above her eyes for a bit and laugh taking it off when a false eyelash comes off and they stick it on her as a mustache. They get her onto the floor and pull her shiny black pants down, pretty panties barely covering her nice ass. They have more fun with her and leave her there for a bit before her new male “friend” comes in to find her….

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  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    More bound and gagged sexy models tied up and sold off as slaves. Bound and gagged belly dancers too. Belly dancers bound and gagged are the best to be tied up and sold off as sex slaves.