Jewell Marceau had him in her clutches and he was mesmerized by her charms. Unfortunately he suffered an untimely demise thanks to Jewel’s intervention in speeding things up so she could collect all his money. I hid in her bedroom and watched secretly as she brags on the phone making plans with her real lover. I hold a kn up to her throat and force her down onto her belly. I quickly rope up her elbows cinching them tightly and painfully. Gorgeous Jewel struggles and denies everything, but I know better – she did him in and she will pay for it! I lift her tight secretary skirt up over her ass and tie up her crossed ankles … all the while Jewel insisting she loved him and that he left her everything in the will. Luckily Jewel won’t make it to the probate and I have another will which will be recorded once she is out of the picture. I grope her big tits that I know my poor brother paid for then I lay a super tight crotch rope yanking it up deep into her pussy giving the lying bitch a camel toe. I tire of her big mouth calling me insane and I grab a pair of panties and shove them deeply between her luscious lips sealing them in securely with a tight cleave gag. Poor helpless Jewel is reduced to grunting and groaning. I grab a handful of her long hair before putting Jewel in a tighht hogtie. I grab the bankroll she was flaunting and off I go to record my version of the will leaving the notorious black widow bound, gagged and rolling around her bed unable to escape.

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