I open the door to find a young brunette standing there. She tells me that I hit her car and left the scene of the accident. The dumb bimbo refuses to take a cash payment to settle the damages and insists on doing this the legal way – a police report and involving the insurance companies!! Come on in sweetie and I’ll get my paperwork – NOT I don’t even have car insurance!!! I give the girl some water and wait for the drops to take effect while I pretend to write down my driver’s license and insurance information. Skyler continues to blab her mouth on and on about the hit and run and I tell her to drink up. She slowly begins to squint and her head bobs a bit. Poor dumb bitch grabs the couch to steady herself attempting to get up. I seize the opportunity to make my move pushing her down onto the floor and grabbing some rope. Skyler is drowsy and doesn’t even realize I yank her foot up against her thigh and rope her leg up in a tight frogtie! Awwww aren’t you starting to look cute you big mouth thing. I continue on the her other leg exposing her bright panties. Skyler makes some feeble attempts to get away, but the pitiful young girl is too loopy to move away from me. I roll the bitch over and grab her long pretty hair yanking her head back while I shove a big rag into her mouth. Skyler’s arms flail by she is unable to prevent me from wrapping her beautiful face up with duct tape. I straddle her body and choke her feeling her ripe young tits and pussy. Wake up girlie!!! I quickly bind her elbows tightly behind her back telling her she will pay me! How dare you come to my home. Didn’t your momma teach you not to knock on stranger’s doors? Dumb girl! I finish roping her up and laugh as I watch the pretty girl’s eyes widen in fear and she begins to sob into her gag. Go ahead honey, struggle to the door and get the fuck out of here!!!

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