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The creepy couple does their first tape job

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Summer is wired

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Charlie Mancini and JJ kidnapped by creepy couple

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Charlie Mancini and JJ kidnapped by creepy couple. JJ sits tied up on the couch when Dixie brings in a new model, Charlie Mancini. The creepy couple is bound to make some money on her. They put a big red ballgag betw...

Sybil Hawthorne kidnapped, strappado tied and drooled

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Sybil Hawthorne kidnapped, strappado tied and drooled. JJ opens a door to a room that is under construction. Sybil Hawthorne dangles in a strappado with a bag over her head. JJ soon removes the bag and is pleased to ...

ball tied and tape gagged on table

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Summer is so bendy I decided to see if I could cross her elbows and tie her up. I tie each arm separately and then pull the ropes around her body and pile more and more on. I stuff her mouth with big panties and wrap ...

tight elbow cuffs and demobilizing ropes

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milf Summer chairtied, ball gagged and drooled

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kinky blonde Stacy Burke wanna be tied

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busty blonde Carissa bondage after girls fight

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cat burglar caught and bound before she called the police

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JJ is sitting in bed looking at her computer. She hears someone roaming about. She gets up to investigate and sees a woman wearing a stocking cap going through her drawers. She yells "Hey" on the woman takes off for t...

lady Christina Carter hogtied and mouth wrapped by JJ

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Christina wanted to be tied up

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JJ is sitting on the couch when Christina Skye comes in with JJs rope bag and asks JJ to tie her up. JJ is surprised because Christina has never shown interest in bondage. Christina explains that she recently met a ma...

Adara Jordin pretty whore kidnapped by kinky couple

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Adara Jordin pretty whore kidnapped by kinky couple. A pretty blond (Adara Jordin)with strong legs and a nice tan approaches a truck looking for some work. The couple(JJ & Tony) are delighted when they see her. T...

sexy nurse uniform removed, hogtied and gagged

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This bitch came in and insisted she needed to get up to the third floor. I told her there was no way. She knew she just needed to appear to be anurse, so she lied and said she needed to use the phone. I went back to t...

busty blonde Morina hogtied and mouth wrapped

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It is Morina’s birthday and her boyfriend has a surprise for her. She likes to be tied up, but he’s no good at it. They look at a website together and the boyfriend realizes that the woman that runs it lives pretty ne...

Serene Isley hogtied panties gagged with beautiful tits out

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Serene Isley hogtied panties gagged with beautiful tits out. Serene is back! I tie her up on screen which takes about 5.5 minutes then I decide to put a huge harness gag on her. She doesn't seem to like the idea of t...

taped up and panties gagged

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Illustrious Rogue is the same girl I did the “Tightest Tie I Ever did one Someone” clip. She left town for a while and broke a few ribs, but she is back and ready for more bondage. I decided to do a pantyhose encaseme...

Busty milf chair tied and tightly gagged

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boobs exposed busty lady tied up to be sold off

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Armani finds herself ziptied to a pole. After a bit a woman comes and zipties her mouth and blindfolds her. A man comes in and inspects her. He cuts open her sweater and wanders a way to make a call. Upon returning he...

sexy Nyxon hard taped up by security guards

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young step mom in trouble

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JJ and Tony can't stand the idea of their wealthy father marrying some piece of trash that is even younger than they are. They don't want anyone to get ahold of the inheritance they are entitled to. They come up with ...

blonde Whitney hogtied breasts out on floor

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Nyxon first time bondage with JJ

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blonde Morina tightly hogtied and mouth wrapped

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