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grabbed, hogtied and mouth wrapped in jail

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naked captives of Dangerous Diva

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cute babe Rachel sexy hogtied and mouth wrapped

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Rachel is sitting in a bar nursing a drink and playing on her phone. The woman that runs the place tells her she needs to finish up and get out of there because there is going to be a private party. That is when Rac...

Riley and Jane rope hogtied

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cute lazy maid punished

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pretty babe Rachel hogtaped and humiliated

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Rachel hangs up the phone at a dive bar she works at when an irate lady walks in yielding a weapon in her face. She wants to know where her dead beat boyfriend has run off too. He bought a motorcycle from JJ for $3500...

helpless Kimberly tied up and microfroam tape gagged

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Kimberly and JJ met at a gay bar. JJ brings Kimberly home and they start to pet each other on the bed but a man grabs Kim from behind and starts to tie her up. At first she thinks it is a sexy game but quickly realize...

busty blonde milf roped up in the office

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miss Pandora trapped and bondage by Dixie

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Dixie needed to find her way inot a very rich man's home. Today she has finally found a way when she found out that he called for a doctor to make a house call. So Dixie went to the doctor, Pandora Jones' home. She fo...

cute pretty maid Ann Marie bondage struggled

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cute pretty maid Ann Marie bondage struggled. There's intrigue at the mansion as hot housemaids Annmarie and Samantha Ryan tangle! Annmarie has the upper hand at first when she takes her blonde rival prisoner, then h...

tits exposed slave tightly hogtied

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Sahrye taped hogtied by her step mother

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Sahrye is on the phone with her much older lover who happens to be a business associate of her wealthy father. Her step-monster knows about the affair and is absolutely disgusted. She doesn't want to ruin the business...

blonde reporter hogtied cleave gagged

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sexy brunette and blonde bondage left in jail

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helpless busty hookers hogtied and gagged

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Two street walkers are debating whether or not they should go back to their regular corner because they saw a crime happen there the previous night. After some debate they decide that the criminals wouldn't be dumb en...

2 busty blondes abducted and rope bondage

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4 whores bondage humiliated by creepy couple

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4 whores bondage humiliated by creepy couple. All of the women have been tied at the wrists and ankles. They are all wearing red ballgags and struggling on the couch when Dixie comes in and puts chest harnesses on 3 ...

blonde Vicious Vamp breast bondage tightly

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the creepy couple hire a bondage model

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JJ gets the clothespin off of her tongue and tries to tell the model that she has been by this couple but she thinks JJ is role playing. The new girl Kitty likes bondage a lot and is excited to be working with the cou...

blonde milf hogtied and gagged on floor

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JJ has Alexa tied with her hands over head in the basement. alexa has been a bitch to JJ from the get go. alexa shops 5th Ave, went to the best schools and knows all of the right people. JJ is from the wrong side of t...

full figured blonde couldn’t escape

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Summer is wired

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Charlie Mancini and JJ kidnapped by creepy couple

20.68K Views1 Comments

Charlie Mancini and JJ kidnapped by creepy couple. JJ sits tied up on the couch when Dixie brings in a new model, Charlie Mancini. The creepy couple is bound to make some money on her. They put a big red ballgag betw...

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