Star thinks that her sugar momma girlfriend JJ is taking her out to a nice dinner. She’s all made up and wearing a form fitting blue dress. JJ comes in and tells Star she wants to stay in. She tells Star she has been having a reoccurring dream that she is being cheated on with a man. This man ties her up and bangs her. JJ thinks it would be a good idea if Star let her tie her up. Star agrees, obviously upset that they aren’t going to get to go out to dinner. JJ says that while she is tied up she will cook them something and gets to work tying up her girlfriends long legs, then her wrists. She cuts off her blue satin panties and uses them as a cleave gag while she continues to tie Star up. She ties up Stars pretty natural boobs and uses electrical tape to tape them up too. She removes the cleave and stuffs them in Stars mouth and wraps her head with black electrical tape used as a cleave. She has star lay on her stomach and she pulls her into a tight hogtie, she can hardly move, but JJ isn’t done with her pretty girlfriend, she uses the remainder of the roll of vetwrap to wrap around her head over the mouth. She leaves her helpless girlfriend there and moves into the kitchen to make dinner.

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