Mica is visiting her trusted therapist who asks her what is going on in her life. With her tiny little voice she says that her long time boyfriend wants to tie her up and she is really unsure about it. The older woman convinces the girl that it would be fun and build even more trust in their relationship. She happens to be into bondage and tells Mica that she would be happy to give her some practice. She has Mica stand up and show off her cute outfit. She ties up her legs and then ties her wrists to the chair. She puts a 2 inch ballgag in her mouth. She spits it out so the therapist tightens it up A LOT. She ties her wrists down to the desk chair and has her move around some. She is told to try to struggle to spit the ball out and to try to get her wrists out. She manages to slide them out. She is told to stand up and hop over to the door. Her wrists are tied behind her, arms arms are tied closer together and her beautiful young 34D are tied up. She isn’t so sure about that though. Her mouth is stuffed and tape wrapped around her head. Finally she is hogtied and a bit too terrified to try to move much. Wide eyed she stares at her therapist with pleading eyes but the woman tells her she is on to her next session in the conference room. The clip ends with Mica’s hand free but her breasts still bound. She is told to feel them and her reaction is funny. She tells the therapist she is not so sure she will be letting him tie her up afterall….and they agree to meet the next week.

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