This bitch came in and insisted she needed to get up to the third floor. I told her there was no way. She knew she just needed to appear to be anurse, so she lied and said she needed to use the phone. I went back to typing at my computer but she took some damp rag out and caught me off guard placing it over my nose and mouth and before I knew it I had pas sed ou t. When I came to she had removed my uniform! All I wearing was my favorite white lace bra, girdle and stockings. She had me tied up and when I started to protest she shoved something in my mouth and then wrapped my head tightly with bandaging! After a bit the nutcase put my uniform on, had the audacity to kiss my gagged mouth and put me into a hogtie fondling my boobs! I was furious and remained there struggling on the floor of my office until a coworker came and found me.

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