It wasn’t easy finding a job at my age and I finally landed one as a neighborhood rent-a-cop. I take my responsibilities very seriously and off I go door to door to check all the houses on the block. A tall woman answers the door wearing sexy clothing and satin opera gloves and she is not the homeowner. I need to see your rental agreement please. Hazel Allure hands me paperwork and as I glance down she grabs me in a choke hold and forces a wet cloth over my mouth and nose. I fight with everything I have wrestling her to the floor. We rolls and struggle and she pulls me up onto my knees. Hazel is much bigger and stronger than I am and she gets her legs around my throat squeezing tightly – I buck and squirm but slowly loose the fight as my airflow is restricted and I go . Hazel’s accomplice shows up to see what is taking her so long and he is shocked to find me limp on the floor. Fearing the worst, he becomes enraged at Hazel for taking me out and he shoves her up against the wall holding her arms with one hand and wrapping the other hand around her neck. You dumb bitch!! Hazel fights like a wildcat but he doesn’t let go and down and out she falls. I wake with a start and the man grabs me tightly spinning me around pinning me in a hammer lock. His big hairy arm encircles my neck and I gasp and choke as the creep fondles me all over groping my tits and pussy. The next thing I know long legged Hazel and I are chair tied back to back. Our elbows, knees wrists and ankles are crushed together and the bastard shoves a rag deeply between my lips sealing it off with clear tape. He does the same to his accomplice and we scream through our gags, but no one hears us. He wraps a long rope around my neck and then around Hazel’s throat looping it. He finishes the bondag with a wrenching peril – one single tight rope so that the more we struggle the tighter the neck ropes become …




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