Lady Orias and I teamed up to score a large heist. We’ve been burglarizing homes quietly and effectively and this was going to be a huge score. The two cat burglars tiptoe up to the window in our black shiney cat suits and we see a young innocent girl lounging on a bed taking selfies. Dumb bimbo will be no threat at all. We break into the house and Orias grabs the bitch in a rough choke hold with her hand over mouth forcing Terra back onto the bed. The poor sweet thing is terrified squealing like a pig. Orias shoves a large rag into her mouth and wraps the pretty girl’s head with elastic bandage while I wrestle her arms behind her back forcing her elbows together and cinching them tightly. We taunt and tease the gagged beauty exposing her pretty pink bra and panties. She kicks and struggles but is no match for our double team!! I hold her legs down so that Orias can frog tie her. Awwww look at your pussy … are you crying little one or is that a wet spot on your panties! Terra Mizu sobs into her gag wiggling and rolling on the bed. Orias purrs like a cat and fondles the helpless bound brat. We decide to tie her pussy straddling her body and adding a crotch rope and yanking it super tight while I grope and fondle the girl grabbing her tits and ass. I carress her head and continue to manhandle her shoving my tits into her face smothering her. Poor baby-breathing is so overrated. I plop my round ass on top of her face grinding it while I face sit her as Orias spanks her wet pussy and bucks and grinds the pretty damsel!! I kiss her gagged face and we take some nice selfies of her bound and gagged struggling on the bed crying her eyes out and off we go to steal the safe!!!

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