Bratty daughter Skyler never follows through on her promises. I indulge her with money for everything and she never delivers on her end of the deal. I come outside to find the lazy young thing lounging on a float in the pool smoking a cigarette without a care in the world. WTF!!! Syler!!! You didn’t vacuum the pool and you’re smoking cigarettes and pot out here. I climb into the pool and grab her by her hair. The dumb brat is so stoned and so busy yapping her big mouth that she barely is aware me roping up her legs. I dump the raft and she falls into the pool. I grab the defiant bitch by the hair and yank her arms together behind her back. I tie her elbows painfully together and shove a huge red ballgag into her big mouth. Let’s see who is defiant now you bad girl!! I grab her hair and dunk her head under the water holding it down while she struggles. Did that sober you up little one? Syler is clearly startled and her arms flap furiously at her sides. Awwwww – are you scared now? I grab her head again and down her goes. Skyler comes up for air choking and gagging spewing water and spit. Her eyes widen in complete terror and fear when I tell her she’s going down backwards!!! I laugh as I force the brat into a backbend and force her head under water backwards. I know this will gag the dumb bimbo and she screams as she comes up for air. I look up and see a storm overhead. Poor little Skyler doesn’t know how to swim and I laugh as I climb out of the pool. A loud jolt of thunder cracks in the sky and Skyler panics as I leave her in the pool gasping for breath, all alone to fend for herself in the thunder and lightening.

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