It is the tenth day of Lana’s captivvity and she lies massively and painfully hogtied and gagged on a dirty mattress in the abondoned building. Her ankles are completely fused to her wrists. Poor helpess Lana Lane wakes in a panic – she looks around, but no one is ih the room with her. What has happened to her captors she wonders. She sobs into her gag as she realizes that she is alone and inescapably and painfully tied. Lana tries to struggle to loosen some of the ropes, but everything is useless and every movement causes more acute pain. The brutally tight ropes dig painfully into her flesh and Lana falls into hysterics shakking and trembling. After many hours her captors come in and tell Lana that only half of the ransom has been paid and that she will be forced to stay bound & gagged like this until her parents pay the rest of the ransom. Police sirens wail in the background and her captors rush away leaving the helpless damsel alone. Lana moans and cries – nobody is coming to save her. After some time a drunken young couple enter the building looking for a place to fuck. They see Lana and are shocked. The female rushes in to save Lana and begins to untie her. The male is furious and he grabs his partner by the hair and drags her away from Lana and out of the building. The girl manages to sneak back and she gets poor Lana’s numb legs free and goes to grab the tape gagging Lana, but the irate male returns and forces the rescuer out. Lana precariously stands up off the mattress and when she achieves her balance she makes her way to the door and out of the building. She is now in the deep woods. Lana begins to run looking for someone-anyone-to rescue her. After running through the forest for a long, long time Lana sees the girl who tried to save her in the building. The woman soothes and calms Lana – she unties her numb arms and ungags her. The sweet girl comforts Lana while Lana shows her the horrible rope marks on her arms and legs and starts to tell her story.




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