Busty blonde neighborhood girl Nadia White comes over for some booze.. She knows I will indulge her and keep it a secret from her parents. Of course I plan on taking advantage of the sweet young thing with those big tits!! I dose her up and wait until the special drops take effect. Poor thing stumbling cann hardly make it to the door. Down she goes – limp as a wet noodle. I grope her big tits and grab some rope. First things first – a brutal crotch rope exposing her cute panties splitting her pussy and ass in two. Oh yeah – I’m gonna get me some of that! I roll the dumb bimbo over and feel her pantyhose legs up and down. I bind her elbows and wrists together behind her back cinching them tightly. I straddle her body – Wake up Nadia!! I pull out her huge tits. Look how wet you got me little one!! Nadia’s eyes widen in fear – I put my hand over mouth and smother her a bit until she begins to sob. Please don’t do this she begs. I show her my cum soaked satin panties and slowly pull them down my legs. I shove my panties deeply into her mouth and seal them in tightly with clear tape. What’s the matter hun – you don’t like my pussy? I face sit the bitch smothering her with my wet juicy pussy. Poor thing can’t breathe as I grind my hot cunt right into her mouth and nose smothering the poor brat. I hear her grunting beneath the weight of my ass – each groan getting weaker and weaker – d*e you foolish girl!!!! Poor innocent Nadia’s eyes roll back in her head as I cum – oh babydoll, was it as good for you as it was for me??




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