Charlie Mancini and JJ kidnapped by creepy couple.

JJ sits tied up on the couch when Dixie brings in a new model, Charlie Mancini. The creepy couple is bound to make some money on her. They put a big red ballgag between her perfect teeth and get her tied up. As Charlie gets tied up Tony adds breast bondage to JJ. They remove JJ’s harness gag and stuff her never ending mouth with a big pair of blue satin panties and wrap microfoam tape snuggly around her head. They stuff Charlies mouth with black panties and wrap her head with the same tape. They make the women get on their knees to display their ample behinds to the camera and then they get to their stomachs where they are hogtied and left struggling for a while but they aren’t done with JJ she gets panties tied over her head and left to struggle before Tony returns and takes off Charlie’s gag. He has other plans for her…

Charlie Mancini

Charlie Mancini and JJ

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  • Nigel 2 years ago

    hi david can you please upload some more charlie mancini bondage videos more preferably the video called Charlie Mancini goes to Prison from if u cant u find it then any charlie mancini video will do