Leggy Vicky Vixxx and I tiptoe around the back of his house peeping in the windows. She’s gotten the intel that this guy is out of town and he has plenty of goods for us to rob. Clad in our skintight catsuits we sneak into his house and begin casing the . Suddenly Vicky is grabbed from behind in a choke hold by the burly guy who lives here. He shoves us on our knees and holds her arms tightly behind her back. The bastard forces me to tie up her elbows crushing them together. Vicky gives me up and tells him to take me! I accuse her of setting me up and we beginn to argue. The bald man tells me to hurry up. I unzip her catsuit and tell him to fuck her instead, but he’s having nothing of it. I bind her booted ankles together as he watches intently. Vicky sobs apologies and begs him to let her go. He hands me a huge rag and tells me to shove it in her mouth. I push it in deeply and wrap her head with elastic bandage muffling her screams. Vicky’s eyes widen in fear and she struggles on the floor while he makes me gag myself. He forces me to tie up my ankles while he manhandles Vicky and gropes her bare tits. He thows me over the couch on my knees slamming my elbows together and quickly ropes them up painfully. He puts Vicky in the same position and ties her wrists. We are both ass up over the couch screaming for help but no one can hear us through our gags. He adds pussy splitting crotch ropes to both of our bound bodies and finishes us off in tight hogties. As the final punishment he puts a rope around each of our necks and ties the rope so that our heads are in a 69 jammed up and into each other’s pussy.

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