My curvy daughter Bianca drives over to pick me up from work. I get into her car and spot an open travel bag on the floor. I reach in and grab and out comes some skimpy slutty stripper outfit. What the fuck is this I demand! Bianca denies it all, but I am not a fool and I continue digging in the bag and find a wad of single dollar bills. I am appalled. I glance down at her feet and she has on six inch stripper heels. This is it missy. I march her into work and sit her down. I am so furious at the mouthy bitch that I can see straight and suddenly I snap – grabbing her in a choke hold with a white cloth over her mouth. Her body bucks and struggles under my grasp, but soon she is limp and quiet. I grab some rope and begin to tie her to the chair. I smack her a few times and rustle her body to wake her up. Her tit peaks out of her sundress and I see pierced nipples! All hell breaks loose. I grab the white cloth and shove it deeply into her big brat mouth and wrap her head around and around with elastic bandage. I bind my daughter to the chair and rope up her ankles securing her feet to the wood. I remove her whorish stripper shoes and take them. You my dear will stay here bound, gagged and helpless for as long as it takes for you to decide you will not be a stripper. I leave poor Bianca all tied up and shut the lights out on my way out. I hear her curdling screams as I walk out leaving her alone in darkness!

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